Aerials and Dishes


We install and re-cable existing aerials antennas and satellite dish receivers. Using the latest installation techniques and high quality cable, we can install your new Freeview Dish receiver and set top box.

Aerials and cable degradation are some of the most common reasons why people do not receive a quality picture from their TV set. We can reposition your existing aerial or install a new one with better reception for improved picture quality.

Many old installations benefit from new cable from the set to the aerial. It is not widely known that cable degrades over time and some older cable will have an obvious loss of signal. By installing new cable your TV picture may improve remarkably.

The new technology required to receive the Freeview NZ channels is available from our service centre although we recommend that installation be done by a trained professional. Freeview offers high quality picture and some channels have wide view for a better viewing experience.

Freeview  terrestrial is proving very popular with absolutely stunning results when displayed on the appropriate high definition receiver.